Unlock your potential in the music industry with our exclusive suite of services and tools tailored for artists and labels. From strategic marketing to distribution and promotion, we offer everything you need to elevate your career. All our services are exclusively available to our clients, ensuring personalized support and maximum impact on your journey to success.


We’re your gateway to global exposure! Our music distribution service ensures your tracks reach over 120 platforms worldwide.

From major streaming services to niche platforms, we deliver your music to a diverse audience, maximizing your reach and potential for success in the industry.

Let us handle the distribution so you can focus on making music that resonates with listeners worldwide.


VEVO, the premier music video network globally, connects a vast audience to top-notch music video content. With a diverse selection of official music videos, live performances, and original programming, VEVO provides unparalleled support to artists of all levels. From established superstars to emerging talents, VEVO offers cross-promotional opportunities across the musical spectrum.

With our video distribution service, your videos reach 29 major platforms, including VEVO, Apple TV, Comcast, Samsung TV Plus, YouTube, and more.


Get paid for your music wherever it’s played with SINFONIASUBLIME’s publishing department. We have direct affiliations with rights collection agencies worldwide, ensuring you receive your royalties faster. With no hidden costs, we collect performance, mechanical, and digital income worldwide.

We handle all aspects of rights collection, including affiliation with performing rights organizations, global registration of your songs, and collection of royalties from various sources like sync placements.

With our administration service, we ensure you receive mechanical royalties for digital sales and streams!


Our Sync & Licensing department collaborates with global sync agents, music supervisors, broadcasters, production companies, advertisers, and games publishers to license music and generate revenue for our rights holders. We pitch your music for placements in movies, TV shows, commercials, and video games, ensuring your compositions take center stage in new licensing opportunities.

Trust our team of administrators and managers, responsible for some of your favorite TV and film moments, to secure the perfect placements for your music. Join us and maximize your music’s potential in the industry!


We understand the challenges artists and labels face in creating professional social media banners. That’s why we offer branding services to set your brand and artists apart.

Choose from budget or premium packages for tailored designs on platforms like Soundcloud, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook. Each package includes revisions to ensure satisfaction. Let us help elevate your online presence with our branding solutions.


We understand that creating a website can feel daunting and time-consuming for many musicians and labels. However, in today’s digital age, having a website is essential for gaining exposure to new fans and maintaining a professional image.

To support artists and labels in establishing a professional online presence, we offer affordable website creation services exclusively for our customers. With our help, you can enhance your visibility in the industry and continue to grow your music career.


Understanding the challenges that artists and labels often face in creating professional-quality artwork covers, we’ve introduced a solution.

We now offer additional services tailored to assist with the creation of art covers for your releases. Whether you’re seeking to enhance your visual identity or require expert design support, our dedicated team is here to bring your artistic vision to life with precision and creativity.

Let us handle the design process, allowing you to focus on what you do best—creating exceptional music.


Boost your music’s visibility with our tailored music marketing and promotion services. Designed for artists and labels, we craft customized strategies to engage your target audience across various channels.

From social media campaigns to influencer partnerships, we leverage diverse tools to maximize exposure and track performance. Elevate your music’s presence in the digital world with our comprehensive solutions.

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